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Access Control

Integrated Access Control

Control who, when, where and how someone gains access into your building. Control one exterior entrance, multiple exterior entrances are a combination of exterior and interior entrance doors. Mange who has access to each door at what ties during the day.

Access control integrated with CCTV video surveillance for visual confirmation and telephone system intercom access to allow entrance from any phone.

Control your Buildings Access with a Device that fits your company’s needs
Access control with a variety of methods & credentials. Conventional with button push & motion access. Remote utilizing key fobs, access cards & mobile devices. As well as finger print and Bio-metric readers.

Access control functionality includes:

  • Access into secured areas
  • Access to remote gates or turnstiles
  • Reporting functionality on who accessed which door and when
  • Alerts on when specific doors are accessed
  • Time settings to only allow access on specific days and/or times
  • Secondary key lock with IP programming of codes
  • Local or remote management of systems
  • Connect the access control system to the surveillance system and obtain real-time photos and/or video of access

Access Control Readers:

  • Bio-metric readers
  • Proximity Readers
  • Key Pads
  • Integrated Phone System Intercom door box
  • IP Video Door Phone
  • Surveillance Camera visual confirmation