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Paging Systems

Overhead paging systems consists of many components and are utilized in a variety of needs ranging from simple intercom paging, overhead/background music to break, lunch and end of day tones, fire drill and evacuation alerts.
Schick Communications Specializes in both 70 volt & 25 volt paging systems and can enhance your existing system, a new state of the art paging and alert system to an Emergency Critical MAS

Paging Speakers


  • Pager Controllers
  • Intercom Systems
  • Music Sound Speakers
  • Overhead paging Speakers & Horns
  • One-Way and Talk-back Speakers & Horns
  • IP & Digital Telephone Paging Gateways


  • Dog Box Access Control
  • Tone generators
  • Start, lunch, breaks and end of day tones
  • Fire, hurricane, tornado and evacuation alerts
  • Video Door Box